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My husband, Brendan, is the love of my life and my partner throughout every endeavor. He is the most caring, patient, open-minded, strong and understanding man that I know. He has such a big heart and would do anything for anyone without expecting a thing in return.

Brendan is a special education teacher and seeing him teach and change students lives is one of the reasons I fell in love with him. Brendan has also been the basketball coach at our school for five years, which has made him a strong male role model in many of these boys eyes. You can see it by the way they look at Brendan that for that short basketball season.

Through watching Brendan in the classroom and seeing him on the basketball court, it becomes most apparent that this man was meant to be a father, and that he would be the perfect dad. Brendan cares so much about his students; it makes me want to see how much he will care for a child! I know it will be incredible and I won’t be able to take my eyes off of them.

Brendan’s Favorites:

Childrens book: The Little Engine that Could

Food: Chicken Parmesan

Genre of Music: Rock - Dave Matthews and O.A.R

TV show: Sportscenter, This is Us, ABC Family Shows

Animal: Our Dog, Natty, of course!

My wife, Lauren, is an amazing woman who cares for every person she meets, no matter what. She is always looking out for those she loves and finding new ways to make them happy, whether it be big or small. For example, when I am mowing the lawn and it is hot out, she always leaves a water bottle for me. She has also done larger things like throwing me a surprise birthday party with all of my friends. It's these types of things that make me confident that she will do everything she can to make sure that a child knows that they are loved.

Not only does Lauren teach her students about art, but she also teaches them the importance of expressing themselves and how to do it in way that is meaningful. She works so well with all the students and cares about each one of them individually. She truly is a mentor to these children and would do anything for "her kids." It's because of this natural motherly quality, that I know Lauren is going to be an incredible mom. She has so much love in her heart to share with a child, and I look forward to the day that she can finally hold a baby in her arms.

Lauren’s Favorites:

Childrens book: The Hungry Caterpillar

Food: I love breakfast and brunch-favorite meal hands down! I love making waffles and pancakes from scratch especially on the weekends but sometimes for dinner to be fun!

Genre of Music: I am a huge music person! I collect vinyl records. I love classic rock, jazz, old school rap, r&b, modern rock and 90’s music.

TV show: Currently we are really into Blindspot, Gotham, Pitch, and THIS IS US! (One of the main characters is adopted!)

Animal: Dog-my dog- Natty!

Hi there, we are Brendan and Lauren. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us, prospective parents! Here is our story.

Brendan: "We first met at the school where we both teach. We met the first day and I asked Lauren out by the fifth day. Since our jobs were so important, we started as friends but that quickly grew into a strong love. We started to date and the rest is history."

Lauren: "After just a few months of dating, Brendan moved to the town I was living in - that is dedication! We were engaged in a little less than a year and a half and had beautiful wedding packed with family and friends and then shortly after bought our first home. Soon after getting settled in, we knew we wanted to give our powerful love to someone else, so we rescued Natty, our pup!"

Now that we have been married for a while, we feel that it is the perfect time to grow our family. Though we can't conceive a child biologically, we know that we are meant to be parents. We are beyond excited to adopt a child and share with them all the love in our hearts.

We live in a wonderful, charming home in a diverse community in Maryland. Our home is the perfect distance from everything, and we can walk to the nearby schools, parks, and playgrounds. Also, there are lots of young families that live in our neighborhood, so it's the perfect place to raise a child!

Throughout the year, there are many things we love doing in our community according to the season. Each Fall, we always visit the same farm near our home to pick a pumpkin, enjoy some cider and go on a hayride. We hope to continue this tradition with a child and enjoy many memories here in the future.

In the winter, we love going ice skating downtown in our city and hope to someday watch a child hold a little penguin to help them skate! We also really enjoy going to our Nation’s capital (DC is close by!) to see all 50 states Christmas trees.

Summer is our favorite time of year because it means we get to spend a lot of time at our community pool. We also spend a lot of time at Lauren's family's beach house in Delaware. There is a beautiful old boardwalk with a little kids "Fun Land" that is so much fun to visit!

We are very close to all of our family members and they are all beyond excited about our decision to grow our family through adoption. Like us, they all have so much love to share with a precious little child!

Lauren's parents live about a half an hour from our home, so we get to see them quite often. Lauren also has one sister, and a twin brother, both of whom she is very close to. Her parents, and siblings are super excited to meet the newest member of the family, and spoil them to the bone!

Brendan's family is very tight-knit, and all live very close together in upstate New York - in fact, his grandfather lives on the same street as his parents, and his aunt and uncle are only four blocks the opposite way! Brendan’s brother and his wife now live in North Carolina, and just recently had a baby - it’ll be so great that the cousins will be close in age.They are all such wonderful people and are very excited for us to welcome a child into our family. They want to see the baby often and cover them with love!


Traditions are what makes a family unique and are what make memories so sweet. Here are just a few of our traditions that we celebrate with those we love the most.

Christmas: We spend this holiday going back and forth to each of our families. During Christmas time we will open gifts as a family in our pajamas then all the family will go to another family's house in their pajamas to open gifts as well. Then at the end, they will going over for family dinner that lasts multiple hours. Somewhere in that crazy schedule, we go to Christmas mass as a family!

Thanksgiving: The same is true of Thanksgiving. We spend this holiday going back and forth to each of our families. We switch sides every year. If one side has Thanksgiving one year the other side gets Christmas. The next year we switch! For Thanksgiving, we always have a big turkey feast and go around the table sharing what we are thankful for.

Easter: This holiday is spent with family as well. Sometimes it is even celebrated down at the Delaware beach house where the adults hold a magic show in the living room for the kids and an Easter egg hunt in the sand! All of those traditions were started by Lauren’s grandmother.

As a couple, we make a point to set aside some time each week to be with our friends. Whether it is just to grab a cup of coffee, have brunch or meeting for dinner - we love being around our friends. They are all very excited for us to adopt and we imagine there will be lots of playdates with their children in the future!

We also enjoy cooking dinner together and having a meal at our table. After dinner, we often enjoy a good family TV show cuddled up on the couch the three of us (the dog!). On Friday's we usually have pizza or stromboli night!

On the weekends, one of our favorite things to do is to visit the nearby state park, where we walk the trails with our dog and soak up some sun! We also enjoy going to our small city’s downtown area to window shop and check out books out at the large, but warm, library. Sundays tend to consist of church, laundry, cleaning and catching up on our to-do list. We tend to run all errands together.

Lauren's Favorite Activities:

- Swimming, she can't wait to teach a child!

- Practicing yoga

- Doing art projects

Brendan's Favorite Activities:

- Running in marathons

- Coaching local sports teams

- Working on home improvement projects

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about our family. We are grateful that you love your unborn child so much that you are willing to consider an adoption plan for him or her. It truly shows just how courageous of a person you are.

There is nothing that we've wanted more in life than to know the love that develops between a child and their parents. We will do everything we can to give your child everything they need in life to become happy and successful adults. We plan on being at every after school event, sports game or dance recital, and will always make sure that your child knows that they are loved and supported, no matter what.

Your child will always know about your and their adoption story. They will know that you loved them more than life itself and that is why you made this decision. We also intend on creating a life book for your child, which will include photos of their life before us with warm, thoughtful words about you.

We would be honored to be a part of this journey with you. But regardless of the decision you make, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.